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  1. Krishnamurti astrology in bengali
  2. The Old and the New - Saturn and Uranus

Krishnamurti astrology in bengali

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Baghbazar Girish Manch Kolkata. Previous Next. The aim of our institute is to provide a systematic and scientific enquiry and research in the field of Astrology. With a view to imparting a systematic education of Astrology to those who desire to learn the same in a scientific way.

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Our institute was established in the year with a few students, under the able leadership of Sri. Gopal Bhattacharya. By dint of its attempts to endless researches aiming at re-vitalizing Astrology to suit to the current perspectives, now it is ever flourishing in the five branches at Bagbazar Kolkata , Howrah, Durgapur, Agartala and thousands of students are under one roof like a family and are enjoying a cordial relationship among themselves.

The Old and the New - Saturn and Uranus

D level research is conducted under guidance of astrology wizard Mr. Gopal Bhattacharjee, Director and Principal of the Institute. After achieving Ph. D the astrologer will have free access to the digital journal of the institute to contribute articles on advanced astrology.

He will also get opportunity for chamber practice. A brief history of Astrology and preliminary idea about various branches of astrology.

Twelve signs of Zodiac, implication of their symbol classification and characteristic features. Nine Planets - Their significance, Bhavawise significance, Signwise classification as friend, enemy, neutral, exhalted, debilitated etc.


Nakshatras - Their locations, lords and span. Yogas - Effects of benefic and malefic yogas. Preparation of Nabatara Chakra and Sannari Chakra - their significance and use in prediction. Making Navamsa chart and clarification of its utility. Mathematical Astrology: Conversion of traditional birth time recorded in Danda, Pal etc.