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Discover what your birth date reveals about your destiny

It has been around since the 40's. I have many more like that happen to be on the tires I bought. But I end prayers with my children like this:Humble the rich to help feed the poor, and Lord help us to mend the sick. A shrouded shadow that has plagued me decided to show itself.. And all at once the 17 peices of my broken soul lit up the night with a firey Explosion.

Numerology - People Born On The 17th Of Every Month - Sreekaram - #Numeralogy-#VakkantamChandramouli

Expelling 17 Truths and 17lies. Taking 17 breaths, 17 times The little bit of that dark energy i had released caused that explosion. Well I Born on 17th January Any update for me my name is Babar khan and email address is sophisticated. Since 2 years I have been consistently seeing exactly those number , in that order. Makes me wonder if all this is true.

Know something about this? E-mail me at enjo live. I'm am also going crazy over seeing the number 17 everywhere and at random Im now at a point where I am writing down exactly where I see these numbers at to see if there is any pattern? Ok i been coming here for years never wrote anything.. What do i do?.. What's the meaning.. Am I missing somthing?? I want to know lol its 12 I was wondering if this year being will be a good one for me?

Lif has been really hard in and gr82bus bresnan. This isn't about me personally, but my son was born on March 17, and he recently died on July 17, He died six months ago today, which is January 17, I see the number 17 everywhere. I never really noticed it until my son's death. Now I notice it when I look at a clock, the mileage in my car, watching tv, and various other places. I just wonder if he is trying to tell me something, or am I just grasping at anything because I miss him so much? I'm sorry about your son and pray that you find peace. I had a nephew, cousin, and Aunt to pass away on the 17th of those months.

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I use to think it was a sign of bad luck due to the death of loved ones on that date. However after the years have passed by, I feel like it is a sign to let them know they are still here in a sense. So I said all that to say, I feel like he is just letting you know he is your Angel and is looking over you.

Can u tell me somthing about me. Wit and humour are the two most amazing qualities of the people born in July month. They are really friendly and modest people who are loved by the crowd. People Born In July. This is interesting. Wondering if anyone has done a podcast on astrology.

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If not they should. The podcasting industry is booming but it hasn't yet reached its peak, according to a new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The number of podcast hosting sites like V-TIP. COM are growing. Most cost a nominal fee, but some like V-TIP are free. NUMBER 17 Insight, responsibility, self-discipline, strength, compassion, spiritual consciousness, wisdom, a desire for peace and love for all of humanity.

The number 17 is a highly spiritual number and has been expressed by the Ancient Chaldeans as the 8 Pointed Star of Venus. It is the Star of Love and Peace and promises a 17 person the will to rise superior in spirit to the trials and difficulties of earlier life. Many who come under these energies have extremely high psychic and clairvoyant abilities.

It is universal healing, truth and understanding. The combination of the number 1 and number 7 makes the person very strong, but at the same time they are soft, sympathetic and sentimental. Number 17 vibration people receive a double dose of independence from both the number 1 and the number 7. The negative 17 can be intense, spoilt and extremely difficult to live with. Number 17 people are very capable as they are hardworking, efficient and astute, combining their leadership qualities with sensitivity and compassion.

Numerology Number 1 People Career, Personality, Lucky Number

They have the ability to treat those with great wealth and the very poor with equal respect and understanding. Relationships are extremely important to these people because they can more easily find their balance in love. With their ability, one would think they would be filled with confidence, but they are not always sure of their potential.

They have a highly strung, vulnerable side which they choose to only show to those closest to them. The 17 number person is a born hero and is a great leader and their dream is to make the world a better place. Those born on the 17th are strong and robust and are likely to take risks in sports, school, business and life in general. They often dream of having money and power. If they have an A, J or S first initial, they may become very wealthy. An iPod, the latest gadget, a beautiful top or something unique are ideal gifts for the 17 energy. The 17 is sometimes known to be a little vain, so a tanning salon voucher or beauty products are well appreciated.

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